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TopTutors is a ACRA registered home tuition agency based in Singapore. Our Business Registration number is 53340895D. We are under the management of Prime Tutor Tuition Agency (reg. no. 53278255X).

Our Mission

Our tuition agency's mission is to help every student in Singapore. We aim to be the last support a student can tap on, on top of the school's education. We also hope to provide tutoring jobs for aspiring tutors or teachers who have the heart to help. Without the tutors, the students won't get the help they need. We hope, by linking up these two groups, we can be a great part of the nation's progress.

Getting a home tutor, who the child can really learn from

We strive to be the best home tuition agency in Singapore. We have more than 30,000 home tutors registered with us. Our home tutors are carefully screened before recommending to our client. To further enhance that, we also gather feedbacks from parents and students on the home tutors they engaged. TopTutors records the tutors’ performance and qualities not just base on interviews.

We feel that home tutors' effectiveness are best justified by proper, regular records of their tutoring performances and results via parents' and students' feedbacks.

Every Student is Different

We believe every student is different. That is why we are in this business. 1-to-1 home tuition caters to specific student's needs under a dedicated mentorship. The tutor plays a very important role to the student, even if it seems like merely helping with the homework. The role, is often, unknowingly great. Being a part time or full time tutor, take it as an opportunity to help our students in our country. They are our future.

A Tutor is also A Mentor

Tutors, are more than a school teacher. A tutor is also a mentor. The tutor, as a mentor, usually can go deeper into targeting the student's weaknesses. This is what the school teacher can't focus on. Those stories you heard about regarding students improve in results in 2 or 3 months from C to A are true. Although such cases don't represent the majority of the cases, but they still happen quite often, proven from our assignments records. From time to time, we receive feedback from returning clients on praising the tutors on drastic improvements.

Singapore Home Tuition Services - Our Home Tutors

We mainly provide home tuition teachers for students across all academic levels and standards you can find in Singapore - PSLE, N'level, O'level, A'level, IP (integrated programme), IGCSE and IB (International Baccalaureate Grade 1 to 12). We also provide language tuition for learners at all ages and stages - beginners, intermediates & advance. The home tutors registered with us are mainly categorised under MOE school teachers, international school tutors, full time tuition teachers, part time graduate or undergrad tutors.

1-to-1 home tuition, or 1-to-more

Home tuition is usually 1-to-1, but it is not limited to that. You can also request twins or siblings to sit together. Students who are friends or school mates in the same level and stream can also apply for small group tuition at one fixed address. The tuition fees is usually about 30% lower.

How is our service superior than other tuition agencies’?

Fast and Effective

We are dedicated to deliver our home tuition agency services to you and we aim to get our job done quickly and effectively. We believe that a home tuition agency should not take more than two days to find a right tutor for you. Our tuition coordinators work flexibly around a standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure that all your time with us is well spent.

Results Driven

We are very keen to know every tutor’s performance. Having an unbias feedback system is how we ensure that the tutors we recommend are of good quality. In addition to maintaining our feedback system, TopTutors also want to ensure that the tutor is committed to your assignment. A tutor’s commitment level is dependent on several factors. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read them.


We always keep ourselves updated on the current education system whether there is a change in syllabus or change in focus in the education system. Also, our tuition coordinators are well trained and experienced.

How to request for a home tuition teacher?

Request Submission

You need to submit a request to our agency. It is FREE to submit a request and let us search the tutors for you. However, the request you submit must include the details we need in order for us to do a proper search. To go about requesting for a tutor, please go to this page - home tuition request procedure.

The Matching Process

We will start matching suitable tutors based on the details we obtained from you. Generally, the matching process can be as fast as one day or as slow as seven days. If you have made a shortlist of preferred tutors, please note down their tutor ID numbers and submit to us. Please keep the tutor ID numbers for future reference. We will contact your shortlisted choices. If none of them are able to take up your tuition assignment, our coordinator will match another tutor that fit your requirements.

Our Advice: Try not to shortlist tutors yourself, because based on our statistics of more than 20,000 customers, more than 99% of our client got the right tutor the first time engaging the tutors we selected for them, and more than 90% of our client who tried to shortlist tutors themselves, ended up wasting a great deal of time trying the tutors they selected. By just viewing the tutors' profiles, parents and students usually can't make good choices. On the contrary, when our agency selects a tutor, it is most likely based on the tutor's track records and past tutoring performance.

Offer and Acceptance

If we find a tutor that matches your requirements, we will seek your agreement before we offer the tuition assignment to the tutor. If the tutor replies with acceptance, we will notify you and proceed to send you a confirmation SMS or a confirmation email.

First Lesson Preparation

Please input in your calendar to remind yourself about the first lesson date and time. The first lesson is very important to both the tutor and the student. We will leave it to the tutor to decide on how to prepare for the tuition. However, if you have anything unsure or any special advice prior to the firstl lesson, feel free to contact us.

First Lesson Review

After the first lesson, if you feel good to continue tuition, just carry on as per schedule. However, if you wish to discontinue, please feedback to us on why the tutor is not suitable. If lessons go on smoothly, our agency will collect the 1st 2 weeks' tuition fees. For payment methods, please go to the payment page.

TopTutors Feedback System

The feedback system is what makes our tuition agency work. The feedback system basically tells us which tutors have created success. Analysing a tutor's resume is NOT suficient. We keep records of tutors' performance through their assignments with our students. Our tuition coordinators, having access to these records, are more able to make good judgement of a tutor's capability and responsibility before selecting a tutor for you. We welcome any feedback, positive or negative.

Tutor’s Commitment Level

One of our clients' greatest concerns is the tutor’s commitment level to their assignments. Some home tutors either quit or terminate tuition assignments halfway or even postpone lessons frequently. As there is no contract binding the tutor to commit, a home tuition agency could not pursue the matter with the tutors. All we could do was to get another home tutor to replace the quitting tutor. The tutor’s commitment is critical to the student’s progressive improvements in the tutored subject, especially when it is near the exam period. We hereby urge all tutors to think twice before taking up a tuition assignment. You are probably the last hope for the student in order to pass the exam.

Why did my tutor quit?

Engaging an experienced home tuition teacher who has proven track records, does not imply that they will stay committed to the assignment. How long a tutor will stay committed to the tuition assignment depends on the following factors – tuition rate, home's accessiblity, difficulty, and tutor’s integrity. To become the best home tuition agency in Singapore, we are doing our best to minimise the chance of getting an uncommitted tutor. We also need your understanding on those factors and your assistance in providing us immediate feedbacks if you sense anything wrong with tutor's punctuality and commitment. As much as we want the tutors to commit, we also hope clients (parents or students) could treat the tutors with respects in terms of the schedule and their rates and fees payment. Poor scheduling on the student's side and underpayment are usually the main reasons even a good tutor would quit on a student.

Factors Affecting Tutor’s Commitment

Tuition Rates and Payments

When a tutor feels that he/she is underpaid, his or her commitment would somehow be affected. Also, if payments are delayed, it will demoralise the tutor and affect their performance.

Home's Accessibility

A tutor would most likely stay committed to your assignment, if he/she does not have to do a great deal to travel for a tuition lesson. We will do our best to recommend tutors who stay near your home. We also advise our clients to take this into consideration when choosing a tutor.


Some children may be lazy and unmotivated to study or do homework. If the child is difficult to teach, it may not be the tutor’s fault if there is no academic improvement. Therefore, we advise the parents to cooperate during off-lesson time, to motivate or discipline them to self-study, do homework and practices.

Tutor’s Integrity

The above factors weigh differently for every tutor. Every tuition teacher has a different mindset for teaching and being a private home tutor. Although we restrict tutor’s commitment to the first four weeks, we strongly believe that a tutor should at least commit to the assignment until the next major exam (e.g. mid-year, final year). TopTutors is serious in the home tuition agency business and does not accept tutors who lack responsibility and commitment.

Mission - Ending Statement

Remember, our mission is to help the students in Singapore. If the tutor who took up the assignment and doesn't show up for lessons. It is worse than not helping because it demoralises the students.

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