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(1) Compose a new email.

(2) Click on the Question marks below to find out our email address.


(3) Input "Request for Tutor" as your email subject.

(4) Copy and Paste the Standard Request Details below into your email content and input your request details before sending it.

(5) Explanation on how to input your Request Details

-Referrer: -optional

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Did you find us via a friend's recommendation, Google search or Yahoo search?
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-Name of Requestor

-Contact Number

-Postal Code of -Tuition Location

Tuition Location Hide
As tuition is usually held at your house, we just need the postal code in order to match suitable tutors. Upon confirmation of a tutor, then we will ask for the unit number. You may tell us the unit number now for convenience sake. Disclaimer: we will NOT reveal your unit number to anyone until a tutor is confirmed on your side. If tuition is required to be held somewhere else; at another person's house, community centre's benches, or a school compound, please try to find out the postal code of that address, or at least the street name and block number, building name or a prominent landmark.
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-Student's relation to you -Show examples

Examples Hide
For my son
For my daughter
For my ward
For my nephew
For my niece
For my neighbour's son
For my ex-student
For my younger brother
For my myself, etc
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-School -Why do we need to know this?

Why do we need to know this? Hide
Which school is the student studying in, or will be enrolled to? We understand that you may find this question intruding. The reason we need to know is to help our coordinator identify a more suitable tutor for you. Some tutors may have more experience teaching students from certain schools, or the school materials or notes they frequently use, thus knowing the syllabus better than other tutors do. This also becomes a common question asked by both professional teachers and full time tutors. especially for MOE school teachers. They have to know which school the student is from, because they are not allowed to teach the student from the same school due to conflict of interest. Hence, this became a standard question, since a long time ago. You may choose not to reveal the school if you are not looking for a school teacher.
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-Level and Stream -Show examples

Examples Hide
Grade 4 IB (primary) from August
Year 2 IGCSE
P5 foundation next year
Sec1 exp (express)
Sec3 NA (Norm Acad)
Sec4 ip
Sec2 NT (Norm Tech), etc
NOTE: You should also indicate which year or level if the student is promoting to the next level in one or two months time. For example, my son is promoting to Grade 9 in coming August, or, my daughter will be P6 next year January.
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-Subject(s) -Show examples

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Combined Physics
Piano Practical/Theory
IP Maths
HL Biology
NOTE: You can indicate more than one subject. Hide examples

-Situation,Condition,Objectives -Examples

Examples Hide
lost interest in study/subject
lagging behind in X months or X chapters
need help in homework
aiming for a Pass or an A
ADHD, mild autism
refuse to study
can't sit still
need a very patient tutor, etc
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-Tuition Frequency -Recommendation

Recommendation Hide
We need to know the Number of Lessons Per Week Per subject and Number of Hours Per Lesson (duration) required, e.g. 1x2hrs per wk for Eng, 2x1.5hrs per wk for Maths, etc.
What is the Minimum?
Typically, one subject is minimum 1x1.5hrs per wk. A C-grade or lower student may go up to 1x2hrs per wk or 2x1.5hrs per wk for a single subject.
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What affects quality of choices?
Primary Eng, Math & Sci can be a combined minimum 2x1.5hrs per wk, but this is not recommended, especially for secondary level subjects or higher, as this will limit tutors' choices and qualities. From records, we highly recommend any student to get a different tutor for each subject for 1x2hrs per wk or 1x1.5hrs per wk. It helps in getting a good tutor compared to other settings.
Intensive lessons for Start
You may also want to state whether you want to start tuition with more lessons and at the beginning, for example, 2x2hrs per wk for first two weeks, then reduce to 1x2hrs per wk subsequently.
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-When to start? -Examples

Examples Hide
Start ASAP
Start next week
Start the week after next
Start next month
Start last week of this month, etc
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-Days/Timings Available -Show Advice

Advice Hide
Please state, in the order of preference, what days and the respective timeslots are available? The more timeslots are provided, the more tutors we are able to choose, thus a higher chance of getting a very good tutor, who is usually packed with other students. Please be advised, that part time tutors like undergrad tutors, graduate tutors, and MOE school teachers, are less committed on timings before 7pm on weekdays. If the student prefers to have tuition on a weekday afternoon or evenings with start times before 7pm on weekdays, we strongly recommend that you open up your Tutor Category Preference to full time tutors as well.
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-Your Budget -Show Advice

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Please tell us your budget per month or per hour for each child and subject. We need to know your budget in order to match and recommend the right tutor. More or less, you need to know the tuition market rates to have a better idea of what budget to set. Just a universal advice: Having too low budget limits tutors choices and quality. Having too high budget will be tough on your household expenses, forcing you to skip or stop lessons unknowingly. Regular, consistent tuition is important. Having inconsistent follow up of tuition lessons is generally a waste of money. Hence, try to set a budget you are comfortable with. Always keep that in mind.
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-Age/Gender Preferences -Explanation

Explanation on Age & Gender (optional)Hide
Based on our statistics, tutor's age and gender only makes a difference only when the student has a particular, personal preference. Patience and effectiveness of a tutor are more dependent on the tutor's personality, innate capability and experience, rather than his or her age or gender. Certain parents or students may say that they have a few consecutive bad cases with a particular gender or age group. We heard this numerous times. Complains happen to both male and female tutors as well as different age groups. Our statistics are based on more than 200,000 assignments for the past 10 years, rather than a few cases. Our conclusion is - to limit a certain age group or gender for your tutor search directly limits your choices of tutors. This has proven to affect the quality of tutors greatly. You will never know whether you could have gotten a better tutor if you were more open to other choices. However, the most important is the student's preference. Please let us know your preference on tutor's age or gender if the student really has a strong preference.
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Other Preferences (optional)Hide
You may want to tell us whether you have other perferences based on tutor's patience, personality, spoken language(s), or any other characteristics if you think it helps the student.
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-Tutor Category Preferred -Explanation

Explanation on Tutor Category Hide
Do you prefer an undergrad tutor, full time tutor, or an ex/current school teacher? You may state one category or more. These are the three main categories of tutors which serve 99% of the whole 1-to-1 home tuition market. Usually, for a start, if budget allows, we will always recommend a full time tutor, because this tutor category has the highest commitment level and the most 1-to-1 tuition experience. Full Time Tutor treats this as their profession and are more dedicated to their tutees and have developed more effective methods for 1-to-1 tuition. In terms of effectiveness, some full time tutors are proven more effective and consistent that an ex/current MOE school teacher, which is the highest category of all. The other less common categories are NIE trainees, or graduate (degree or diploma holders) part time tutors. However, the largest market is still the undergrad/graduate part time tutors, which provide tuition to at least 45% of the market. Despite their poorer commitment levels, they are highly sought after by parents and students because at secondary levels or JC levels, they are much cheaper and very familiar with the current syllabus. They also have the students perpective. The undergrad tutors, despite being young and not NIE-trained like school teachers, have proven good enough to fulfill the essential needs for 1-to-1 home tuition, especially for O'levels and A'levels tuition. Therefore, if budget is a constraint, please seriously, consider engaging undergrad tutors.
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-Other Preference -Show Advice

Explanation on Other Preferences (optional)Hide
You may want to tell us whether you have other perferences based on tutor's patience, personality, spoken language(s), or any other characteristics if you think it helps the student.
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-Your Shortlist -Show Advice

Advice Hide
If you have seen any tutors' profiles on our website, please record the tutor IDs down and filled it in here.Hide Advice

Time needed for Matching

Once we have sufficient information, we will start matching immediately. A matching process can be as short as one day to as long as seven days. It depends on a lot of factors. If we do not receive sufficient information, we will contact you for the details before we proceed with the matching.

Free Tuition Matching Service

Our service is free. We only charge a commission on the tutor's earnings.There are no extra or hidden charges on the student's side. You are only required to pay for attended or conducted lessons. You can find out more about charges and payment guide HERE

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