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Request by SMS

Step 1: Click on the links below based on whether your smartphone is Android or iphone.

Step 2: It will lead you to your phone's SMS app with pre-populated template details for your convenience to key in your request details.

Step 3: Edit your SMS request details carefully before sending the SMS.

Step 1 Links -

Request Tutor by SMS with template Details (Android)

Request Tutor by SMS with template Details (iPhone)

Disclaimer: Sending SMS to us will incur Telco charges. Please ensure your Telco plan comprises free SMS bundle. Our template SMS messages are in 8 bit format, which means it allows 70 characters per SMS charge instead of 160 characters (7 bit). However, it may still charge as 1 MMS depends on your phone default settings.

Text SMS us with blank message (any phone)

Time needed for Matching

Once we have sufficient information, we will start matching immediately. A matching process can be as short as one day to as long as seven days. It depends on a lot of factors. If we do not receive sufficient information, we will contact you for the details before we proceed with the matching.

Free Tuition Matching Service

Our service is free. We only charge a commission on the tutor's earnings.There are no extra or hidden charges on the student's side. You are only required to pay for attended or conducted lessons. You can find out more about charges and payment guide HERE

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