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Secondary 2 English

Sec2 English 2006 SA1 ACS Barker

Sec2 English 2006 SA1 Jurongville

Sec2 English 2006 SA1 Ngee Ann

Sec2 English 2006 SA1 Whitley

Secondary 2 Mathematics (schools consolidated)

Sec2 Maths 2008 SA2

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA2

Secondary 2 Mathematics (separate schools)

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA1 ACS Barker

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA1 BPGH

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA1 CHIJ St Theresa Convent

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA2 ACS Barker

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA2 Catholic High

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA2 Cedar Girls

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA2 CHIJ Katong Convent

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA2 Chung Cheng High Main

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA2 Nan Hua High

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA2 St Hilda

Sec2 Maths 2007 SA2 Victoria

Sec2 NA Maths 2007 SA2

Sec2 Maths 2006 SA2 ACS Barker

Sec2 Maths 2006 SA2 BPGH

Sec2 Maths 2006 SA2 Catholic High

Sec2 Maths 2006 SA2 Cedar Girls

Sec2 Maths 2006 SA2 CHIJ St Joseph Convent

Sec2 Maths 2006 SA2 Fairfield Methodist

Sec2 Maths 2006 SA2 Hai Sing Catholic

Sec2 Maths 2006 SA2 Nan Chiau High

Sec2 Maths 2006 SA2 Ngee Ann

Secondary 2 Science (schools consolidated)

Sec2 Science 2007

Sec2 Science 2006

Secondary 2 Science (separate schools)

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